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In the following table, the areas of the state in which the plant will grow are indicated by N=north, C=central, and S=south. The blooming seasons are indicated by Sp=spring, Su=summer, F=fall, and W=winter. An asterisk indicates a plant that attracts butterflies.
Click on the botanical name for more information, including native plants within the plant's family plus
butterflies, birds, and other wildlife that the plants attract.
Click on the  photo  to see photographs of plant.

photoAmerican beautyberrypurpleNCSpCallicarpa americana
 Azalea*variousNCSpRhododendron spp.
 Beachberrywhite CSSpSuFWScaevola plumieri
photoBlue porterweed*blue CSSpSuFWStachytarpheta spp.
photoBlueberrywhiteNCSpVaccinium spp.
 Coco plumwhite CSSpChrysobalaus icaco
 Eastern coralbeanredNCSSpErythrina herbacea
 Fetterbush*purpleNCSSpLyonia lucida
photoFirebush*red CSSpSuFWHamelia patens
 Garberia*pinkNCFGarberia fruticosa
 Gallberrywhitish-greenNCSSpSuWIlex glabra
photoGolden dewdrop*lilac CSSpSuFDuranta repens
 Hibiscus*variousNCSSpSuFWHibiscus spp.
photoHoneysuckle*variousNCSSpSuLonicera sempervirens
 Jamaica caperwhite & purple CSSpCapparis cynophallophora
photoLantana*variousNCSSpSuFWLantana spp.
 Marlberrywhite SSpSuFWArdisia escalloniodides
 New Jersey Tea*whiteNCSSpSuCeanothus americanus
 Oak-leaf hydrangeawhite-purpleNSuHydrangea quercifolia
 Red Buckeye*redNCSpAesculus pavia
 Scrub hollywhiteNCSpIlex opaca
 Sea lavenderwhite SSpSuFWTournefortia gnophalodes
 Snowberrywhite-yellowNCSSpSuFWChiococca alba
 Stopperswhite CSSuEugenia spp.
 Sweet pepperbush*fragrant whiteNCSSuClethra alnifolia
 SweetshrubredNSpCalycanthus floridus
 Tarflower*white, pinkNCSpBefaria racemosa
 Varnish leafyellow-greenNCSSuFDodonaea viscosa
photoViburnum*whiteNCSpViburnum spp.
 White indigo berrywhiteNCSSpSuFWRandia aculeata
 Wild coffeewhiteNCSSpSuFWPsychotria nervosa
 YuccawhiteNCSSpSuYucca spp.

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