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Attracting birds to your yard is easily done. Birds, like all wildlife, need food, water, and cover. The basic guidelines for gardening for wildlife apply to gardening for birds.
Plants that are a natural source of food for birds in your area are easily incorporated into most landscapes. Many plants not only provide food in the form of seeds, nuts, or fruit, but also provide protective cover. Some, like the Cabbage Palm, collect rain water as well. Insect-eating birds will also be attracted to insects that live on the plants and in the mulch.
Plants that attract many Florida birds:
*Annuals & perennials
*Shrubs & small trees
*Nectar/hummingbird plants

Lists of birds by diet and plants that attract them:
*Fruit- and berry-eating birds
*Insect-eating birds
*Nectar-sipping birds
*Nut-eating birds
*Seed-eating birds

To find out which plants attract a particular bird species, select the species from the list of Florida's Common Birds.
You may wish to complement your garden with bird feeders, nest boxes, and sources of water.
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