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While it may seem there are only two seasons (Stifling and Tolerable), Florida really does have four, but you often have to pay close attention to nature to notice.
We also have Hurricane Season, which was no-big-deal for most until Hurricane Andrew barreled across the state and delivered a sobering reality check. Just in case anyone was slipping, Charley (cat 4), Frances (cat 2), Ivan (cat 3), and Jeanne (cat 3) slammed into us between August 13 and September 26th, 2004. Click on the tracking map for a larger view.
  Hurricane Andrew, 8/23/92 (NOAA)
2004 Hurricane Tracks
New Links:  Dr. Gray's Summary of the 2004 Hurricanes, NSW: River Status Map
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Copyright © 1997-2015  Marianne Cowley
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