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With hundreds of bird species, most native to the state, Florida is a bird lover's paradise. Birds, easy to attract and observe, provide hours of enjoyment and a connection to wildlife even in heavily urbanized areas.
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Florida's Common Birds  
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Birdwatching -- What
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Protected birds

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What's New
* Who they are
    LandBirds & WaterBirds:  Where and when they're found, if they breed in Florida and when, if they'll use feeders or nest boxes, which native plants attract them.
* Who eats what
    Seeds, nuts, nectar, berries & fruit, insects.
Attracting Florida Birds
* Gardening for the birds
    Creating a habitatannuals & perennials, shrubs & small trees, trees, nectar plants for hummingbirds.
* Feeders and water
    Types of feeders, where to put them, what to put in them, how to clean them, tips for providing water for drinking and bathing.
* Nest boxes
    Make sure the nest box you build or buy is well-constructed and safe, how to predator-proof nest boxes, special species needs, building plans, nestbox dimensions for different species.
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All photographs and images  Copyright © 1997-2018  Marianne Cowley  All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 1997-2018  Marianne Cowley
All Rights Reserved