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Birds need water for drinking and many bathe in water.
Keep the water fresh and clean.
Containers should be shallow, 2-3" deep, with sloping sides and a rough or textured surface.
Large plastic and clay plant saucers make inexpensive bird baths.
Containers placed on the ground will attract birds that won't use a birdbath on a pedestal.
Rocks placed in the bottom of the container will give the birds a place to perch and can provide different depths for different birds.
Place the bath about 10 feet from protective cover. Close enough for wet birds to quickly fly to safety and far enough away to keep predators from lurking.
Many birds find dripping water very attractive. A dripping water hose or water-filled jug with a small hole in the bottom hung above the water are practical alternatives to commercial drippers.
Many birds also enjoy misters.
Small ponds are good water sources but may need the addition of stones or other modifications to allow birds to take full advantage of them.
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