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D_COM001.TXT Communications after an earthquake
D_ESA001.TXT Electrical Systems and Appliances: Cleaning and Odor Removal
D_ESA002.TXT Electrical Systems and Appliances: Damaged Wiring and Switches
D_ESA003.TXT Electrical Systems and Appliances: Reconditioning and Sanitizing
D_ESA004.TXT Check Flood-Damaged Appliances
D_ESA005.TXT Recondition Lights In Flooded Homes
D_FOOD01.TXT Meal Preparation and Food Safety After a Flood
D_FOOD02.TXT Meal Preparation and Food Safety During and After a Power Failure
D_FOOD03.TXT Sanitize Dishes, Pans After Flood
D_FOOD04.TXT Avoid Risk Of Flood-Contaminated Food
D_FRD001.TXT Avoiding Frauds and Deception
D_INSR01.TXT Handling Insurance
D_LAW001.TXT Legal rights and responsibilities of rescuers
D_SLV001.TXT Cleaning Household Linens and Furnishings
D_SLV002.TXT Drying Books and Family Papers
D_SLV003.TXT Home Clean-Up and Renovation: Building Damage
D_SLV004.TXT Home Clean-up and Renovation: Floors
D_SLV005.TXT Home Clean-up and Renovation: Siding, Doors and Windows
D_SLV006.TXT Home Clean-up and Renovation: Walls
D_SLV007.TXT Salvaging Clothing
D_SLV008.TXT Salvaging Household Furniture
D_SLV009.TXT Salvaging Sewing Machines
D_SLV010.TXT Flood-Soaked Bedding Needs Sanitation
D_SLV011.TXT Books Require Special Care After Flood
D_SLV012.TXT After The Flood...Dry Things Out
D_SLV013.TXT Check Furniture For Flood Damage
D_SLV014.TXT Walls Need Special Care After Flood
D_SLV015.TXT Cleaning Flooded Wood Floor And Woodwork
D_SLV016.TXT Cleaning Household Utensils And Metals
D_STRS01.TXT Handling Stress
D_STRS02.TXT Observant Friends, Family Can Help Flood Victims Handle Stress
D_STRS03.TXT The psychological effects of a disaster
D_STRS04.TXT Helping your child cope with disaster
D_WTR001.TXT Drinking Water
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