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In the following table, the areas of the state in which the plant will grow are indicated by N=north, C=central, and S=south. The blooming seasons are indicated by Sp=spring, Su=summer, F=fall, and W=winter. An asterisk indicates a plant that attracts butterflies.
Click on the botanical name for more information, including native plants within the plant's family plus
butterflies, birds, and other wildlife that the plants attract.
Click on the  photo  to see photographs of plant.

Annuals -- plants that live one year (some reseed themselves)
 namebloomregionseasonbotanical name
photoBeach sunflower*yellowNCSSpSuFWHelianthus debilis
photoBlack-eyed Susan*yellowNCSSpSuFRudbeckia hirta
photoBlanket flower*variousNCSpSuGaillardia pulchella
photoSpanish needles*orangeNCSSpSuFBidens pilosa
Perennials -- plants that live many years
 namebloomregionseasonbotanical name
photoAster*lavender, blueNCSSuFAster spp.
photoBlazing star*rose-purpleNCSSuFLiatris spp.
 Dalea*manyNCFDalea spp.
 Florida Paintbrush*lavenderNCSFCarphephorus corymbosus
 Goldenrod*yellowNCSSuFSolidago fistulosa
 Lobelia*red, white, blueNCSpSuFLobelia spp.
photoMilkweed*variousNCSSpSuFAsclepias spp.
photoMistflower*blueNCSSuFEupatorium coelestinum
 Morning-gloryvariousNCSSpSuFIpomoea spp.
photoPennyroyal*light purpleNCSSpWPiloblephis rigida
photoPassionflower*purple, green-yellowNCSSpSuFWPassiflora spp.
 Phlox*variousNCSpSuFPhlox spp.
photoPurple coneflower*purpleNCSSuEchinacea purpurea
 Rain lilyvariousNCSSuZephyranthes spp.
photoSage*variousNCSpSuFSalvia spp.
 SedgeinconspicuousNCSSuCyperus spp.
photoStoke's aster*variousNCSpSuFStokesia laevis
photoSunflower*yellowNCSpSuFHelianthus spp.
photoTick-seed*yellowNCSSpSuFWCoreopsis spp.
photoVerbena*red-pinkNCSSpSuFVerbena spp.
photoWild petunia*purpleNCSSpSuFWRuellia caroliniensis

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