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wood stork Wood Storks, most common in central and south Florida, are found in wetland areas.
They forage in flocks in fairly calm, shallow water with little aquatic vegetation.
They build large, bulky nests of sticks in sites surrounded by water. Large colonies nest together. Nests may be built so close together that they're almost touching. They usually nest in cypress trees and mangroves.
When water levels are too high, making foraging less efficient, nestlings are less likely to survive and fewer birds nest. Similar problems occur when water levels fall too low.

name area season diet/native food plants
Wood Stork
NCSSpSuFW-Bfish*, aquatic invertebrates, insects
N=north  C=central  S=south
Sp=spring  Su=summer  F=fall  W=winter
B=breeds in Florida during season(s) underlined  M=Migrant

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