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Wrens feed primarily on insects and spiders but may visit feeders for peanut butter and suet mixtures.
Carolina Wrens nest in tree cavities, old boots, nest boxes, hanging baskets ... whatever catches their fancy.
Wrens prefer areas with dense shrubbery and are also attracted to brush piles.
Marian's Marsh Wren and Worthington's Marsh Wren, permanent Florida residents, are species of special concern. Both breed in freshwater and brackish marshes, Marian's from Pasco to Santa Rosa County on the Gulf Coast and Worthington's from Nassau County to the St. Johns River on the Atlantic Coast. Growth of trees and shrubs in their breeding areas forces them out.

name area season diet/native food plants
Carolina WrenNCSSpSuFW-Binsects*
oak, pine
House WrenNCSSpFWinsects*
N=north  C=central  S=south
Sp=spring  Su=summer  F=fall  W=winter
B=breeds in Florida during season(s) underlined  M=Migrant

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