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Viewing many species depends on being in the right spot at the right time. Some animals are only active during particular times of day and may only be easy to spot during certain times of the year. Of course, most are found only in specific habitats. Wildlife refuges, by preserving and restoring habitat, are usually the best places to see most species.
The search engines available at the following links offer a variety of information about locations.
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Search for Florida's wildlife viewing locations by city, region, or species. You can then click on the locations to find out more information about each one.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Use the Refuge Locator to get a listing of national wildlife refuges in Florida and information on each one or to search by species. Or check our NWR page.
Florida Trails Guide
Lists locations by habitat as well as by activity (hiking, camping, et cetera).
Birdwatching is usually easier than other wildlife viewing. While the search engines above do list some bird species, the ultimate guide to finding birds in Florida is Pranty's A Birder's Guide to Florida, which includes information on where and when you're likely to see particular species. Rare Bird Alerts offer current information on where to view rare birds.
Other books on wildlife viewing are also available. Local chapters of wildlife organizations may offer field trips and are good places to meet others with similar interests.
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