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True toads (family Bufonidae) have dry, warty skin and parotoid glands behind the eyes. These glands release toxins to dissuade predators. Only the Marine Toad is large enough to release enough toxin to make a dog, cat, or person seriously or deathly ill.

The Marine Toad or Giant Toad, Bufo marinus, is an introduced species found in south Florida, the Keys, and in the Tampa area. Its milky secretions are extremely toxic.
The Oak Toad, Bufo quercicus, is found in pine and oak woodlands and urban areas statewide. Its call sounds like the very loud peeping of a chick. Its relatively large throat pouch, which extends upward in front of its face, accounts for the volume. It is the smallest toad in the United States, reaching a length of 1.25".
The Southern Toad, Bufo terrestris, is found in all habitats statewide. It iss the one most likely to be seen in your yard at night. During the day, it burrows. Its call is a continuous high-pitched trill. It may reach a length of 4.5".
The Fowler's Toad, Bufo woodhousii fowleri, is found in ponds in the panhandle.

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