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Seasons of Real Florida
  Jeff Klinkenberg / Hardcover / Published 2004
Highly Recommended
The Florida History and Culture Series -- As told by the people who were, and are, there, including:
  • Phyllis Sheffield and Flossie Randle traveling by skiff through the Everglades to photograph the Miccosukee in the early 1930s.
  • Sportswoman Dessie Prescott who taught Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings how to hunt and fish.
  • Miz Rawlings' "perfect maid," Idella Parker, who left Cross Creek in 1950 and has since returned.
  • Photographer Clyde Butcher standing in a gator hole to capture the sawgrass and Everglades sky just so.
  • Artist Al Green and the Highwaymen.
  • Clay Henderson and the spirit and words of William Bartram traveling on the St. Johns River.
  • Henry Aparicio and his father's voice, the voice of el lector to early Ybor's cigarworkers and The Spanish Storyteller.
The seasons? They're there, subtlely woven through the stories, just like they weave through our lives -- if we take a moment to notice.
Dispatches from the Land of Flowers: A Snake Man, a Sad Poet, a Lightning Stalker and Other Stories About Real Florida
  Jeff Klinkenberg / Paperback / Published 1996
Highly Recommended
Chronicles of Florida folks, plantlife, wildlife, and history - a proud addition to any collection of Florida books.
Real Florida: Key Lime Pies, Worm Fiddlers, a Man Called Frog and Other Endangered Species
  Jeff Klinkenberg, Jerry Bledsoe (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1993
Highly Recommended
Real folks, real critters, real good!
The Tropic of Cracker
The Tropic of Cracker Al Burt / Hardcover / Published 1999
Highly Recommended
Real stories about real folks for those who love the real Florida.
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