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Diving Ducks dive to forage on aquatic plants and animals. Their legs are set far back and they have relatively small wings. They must run along the water surface to take flight.
All are less common during the summer months and in more southern areas. The Greater Scaup is found along the coasts. Only the Ring-neck Duck breeds in Florida, but not regularly.

name area season diet/native food plants
CanvasbackNCSSpSuFWshoots*, aquatic invertebrates
aquatic plants
RedheadNCSSpSuFWshoots*, aquatic invertebrates
aquatic plants
Ring-necked DuckNCSSpSuFWshoots*, aquatic invertebrates
aquatic plants, buttonbush
Greater ScaupNCSpFWaquatic invertebrates*, shoots
aquatic plants
Lesser ScaupNCSSpSuFWaquatic invertebrates*, shoots
aquatic plants
N=north  C=central  S=south
Sp=spring  Su=summer  F=fall  W=winter
B=breeds in Florida during season(s) underlined  M=Migrant

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