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anhinga Anhingas inhabit quiet bodies of freshwater and, while found statewide, are much more numerous in central and south Florida.
They often perch on snags over water with wings spread to dry their feathers. The nickname "snakebird" comes from their ability to swim submerged with only their head and neck visible. They dive to spear fish with their long, sharp bills, often tossing the catch in the air and swallowing it headfirst.
Anhingas build platform nests in trees, preferably clusters of willows, or reuse a heron or egret nest. Parental tasks are shared. They usually nest in colonies which may include herons and egrets.

name area season diet/native food plants
AnhingaNCSSpSuFW-Bfish*, aquatic invertebrates
N=north  C=central  S=south
Sp=spring  Su=summer  F=fall  W=winter
B=breeds in Florida during season(s) underlined  M=Migrant

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