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  *    Watch birds upclose and personal
Cape Coral EagleCam
Cam operates in the fall when Bald Eagles George and Gracie return. Includes their diary. (Florida)
Cape Coral OwlCam
View a Burrowing Owl night and day. (Florida)
Cape Coral OspreyCam
Operational during nesting season. (Florida)
St. Augustine NestCam
View a natural rookery. (Florida)
Bald Eagle Project
Live cam and archives of the Bald Eagles. (Massachusetts)
Cornell's Nest Box Cam
Numerous species. (Various states)
James Reserve WebCams
Numerous cams allow viewing of feeding stations, artificial roosting and nesting boxes, and natural habitats in the San Jacinto Mountains. (California)
Kestrels, of course, plus detailed plans on building the nestbox. (Arizona)
Northern Barred Owls, includes a journal beginning in 1997. (Eastern Massachusetts)
Quetzal Cam
Resplendent Quetzals nesting in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in the Tilarán mountains, also ColibriCam aka HummingbirdCam. (Costa Rica)
  *    A bird's eye view of critters
View American Alligators at the Naples Zoo, daytime only. (Florida)
View Florida Manatees during the day at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. (Florida)
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